NLMSX v0.38.1 released

by snout on 20-02-2002, 18:43
Topic: Emulation

Source: NLMSX site

Frits Hilderink releases update after update of the NLMSX emulator. Thanks to a lot of interesting features (like good emulation of MSX-Audio with 256KB sample-RAM) this emulator is getting more and more popular. Updates since v0.37 are:

  • fixed a lot of palet problems with certain games
  • fixed palet problems when switching from 32 bit to fullscreen
  • fixed problems with adding new slots in the configuration editor
  • fixed a bug in the 256 kbyte sample support for the Y8950. Thanks go to Vincent van Dam.
  • added joystick support on port 1 (not yet configurable)
  • added sprite magnifying for Sprite Mode 1
  • fixed a bug in the joystick support. The triggers are always pressed when there is no joystick
  • fixed a bug in the configuration editor when checking for overlapped memory areas

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