openMSX 0.8.1

by wolf_ on 12-03-2011, 23:27
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the free and cross-platform openMSX - the emulator that aims for perfection - was just released and is nicknamed Tasmania. The complete change log is long, as usual, here are the highlights of the new features:

  • Quite complete support for Tool Assisted Speedruns, many TAS widgets activated in TAS mode
  • The reverse feature is enabled by default (except on Dingoo), view mode added to watch replays without interrupting them
  • Replays usually contain extra snapshots enabling you to quickly go to, for instance, the end
  • Option added to disable sprites and to make screenshots without sprites, a handy feature for people who make game maps
  • There's now a script to record movies into multiple files, very practical for YouTube
  • Updated C-BIOS to 0.25, with support for various localized machines
  • Automatically plug in real (PC) joysticks into the emulated MSX

Various bugs have been fixed naturally. Among others:

  • Fixed per-soundchip-channel audio recording
  • Fixed stereo recording in mbstereo-like configurations
  • Fixed sprite collision detection (sprites can't collide in the border)
  • Fixed accuracy of mouse emulation
  • Minor fixes in MSX-AUDIO, YM2413 (Okazaki) and R800 emulation

Support for the following devices has been added: Mega Flash ROM SCC+, ASCII Japanese MSX-DOS2, Sony HB-F5 and CIEL Expert Turbo machine, emulation of seek delay, head-load and rotational delay on TC8566AF based disk drives.

All in all, a fine new release which will especially please casual gamers due to the reverse feature being enabled by default. Casual gamers may not have noticed this feature in openMSX 0.8.0. The complete change log can be read here. If you've found emulation bugs however or have other suggestions, just let them know. For instance by using the openMSX forum or the #openmsx chat channel on

Relevant link: openMSX

Comments (13)

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3296)

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13-03-2011, 01:30

An excellent emulator that keeps getting better and better. Thanks openMSX team for another release! Smile

By Huey

Prophet (2651)

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13-03-2011, 10:05

Good work!

By Meits

Scribe (5895)

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13-03-2011, 10:35

You guys update faster than I can download Big smile

By ro

Guardian (4174)

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13-03-2011, 11:47

like +1


Enlighted (6398)

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14-03-2011, 13:49

maybe the GUI debugger could evolve a bit...
There are many of features openmsx has on commnadline and that the debugger does not handle

If I could vote for one feature to be added to the debugger is conditional breakpoints
something like e.g. "stop if the code writes value == X in location Y" or "stop if the code writes value == X in port Y"

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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14-03-2011, 16:00

1) Break the copyright fear and INCLUDE Bios, Basic, Disk, etc... etc... files for ALL msx machines ever made.
2) Create full installation packages for Windows, Linux and OSX
3) Let's raise some money to PAY a Professional Interface Designer to create graphics and completely re-design the UI. Which should be (at least seem to be) completely integrated with the executable file.

I'm willing to donate at least 15 euros to that...

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9812)

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14-03-2011, 16:45

I think dvik is working on something like that.. Hannibal

By Manuel

Ascended (16696)

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14-03-2011, 18:24

2 is already done Tongue

By Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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14-03-2011, 23:30

ARTRAG> On the wishlist. However, the whole code design is currently a big source of problems and it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up in a simpler fashion. My personal preference would be something that has more source level debugging. However, I haven't really given myself the time to think about how I want to do the interfacing with openmsx. All I do know is that it needs to be different.

By mth

Champion (494)

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14-03-2011, 23:52

@ARTRAG: In the OSD console that is already possible using watchpoints. There is no GUI for it though.

@muffie 1: If we had sane copyright terms, the ROMs would be public domain by now, but unfortunately lobbying seems more effective than listening to the people. I'm not willing to break the copyright laws for this though, even though I disagree with them, because it would have too many bad consequences. We'd probably be booted off SourceForge so we'd have to host everything ourselves. And we'd have to find a hosting company that doesn't kick us off either. And we'd have to hope the DHS doesn't seize our domain (you know, the guys who were supposed to catch terrorists but who now apparently consider copyright violations to be more dangerous than suicide bombers). And in Linux distros the ROMs would still be excluded, because they have their own copyright policies, so it wouldn't help all users.

@muffie 2: We have an installer for Windows. On OS X the app folder is self-contained, so you can just drag-and-drop it to install. On Linux we work with the distros to get openMSX included, which is more convenient than an installer. Probably some details can be improved, but overall I think we have the installation process covered.

@muffie 3: I appreciate the gesture, but unless you can raise thousands of euros I don't think donations will be able to cover the cost of a professional GUI designer. There is a huge amount of functionality in openMSX and even though not everything should necessarily be exposed in a GUI, figuring out what functions are used by what users in what situations is a big task. I don't think we require a profession GUI designer anyway, just someone who likes to program GUIs.

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3296)

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15-03-2011, 00:15

Even with the conditional breakpoints only being available at the built-in shell, I particularly became addicted to the openMSX+Debugger combo. I've got so more productive than with any other MSX debugging suite I ever had, that now it's impossible for me to code/debug without this duo.

It's certainly not perfect, but - oh my! It's so powerful that I wish I had this suite back on the good days I had more free time for MSXzing.

Edit: I noticed that one new extension was missing on the release notes: The Boosted Audio extension. Smile

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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15-03-2011, 22:39

I can bet that someone, somewhere has a very nice package 100% configured, with all roms, bells & whistles that openMSX supports. Something with several megabytes.
Maybe, but just maybe, if I could get my hands on that (and I'm really a criminal) I would pack it along with openMSX installer for Linux, OSX and Windows and host it @

Maybe someone can anonymously send me that.

By Vampier

Prophet (2351)

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16-03-2011, 23:35

@muffie indeed... maybe someone had ROMs already in an openMSX installer which automatically populates the right dirs with the roms.... and maybe it's only 12Mb bigger Tongue