openMSX Catapult for Linux

by MSX Resource Center on 21-01-2004, 21:51
Topic: Emulation

An updated version of openMSX Catapult for Linux can be downloaded from Manuel Bilderbeek's MSX page. Future releases of the openMSX Catapult will be included with the official openMSX distribution, running on both Windows and Linux. People who can not wait to see the 'remote control' features of openMSX 0.3.4 in action can have a look at the last separate release already. This remote feature makes it possible to build a complete GUI for openMSX in an external application. In the new Catapult release the following new features were added:

  • Change disks and cassettes at run time
  • Controls tab (not fully functional) to reset the MSX, change speed and frame skip settings, etc.
  • Improvements of layout and code

You can find this GUI/Launcher on Manuel Bilderbeek's MSX Page in the MSX Software section. It's listed in the "Other stuff" category.

Relevant link: Manuel Bilderbeek's MSX Page

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By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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22-01-2004, 10:21

Great work Smile Catapult makes openMSX just a bit more comfortable to use for the ordinary windows clicknoobs Tongue