openMSX goes Moonsound

by snout on 20-05-2003, 20:07
Topic: Emulation

Innovation seems to be the thing openMSX is all about. After being one of the first turboR emulators, after being the very first emulator that can run the entire Unkown Reality demo without any problems and after being the first emulator that could emulate the Sunrise IDE interface, the most recent CVS version of openMSX also supports emulation of Sunrise's Moonsound cartridge.

Although the tarball release does not support this functionality yet, this interesting development enables many people to play MOD or MIDI files on an -albeit emulated- MSX computer, or to listen to stunning sound quality in games like Sonyc, Bombaman and Pumpkin Adventure 3.

Relevant link: openMSX

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By Arjan

Paladin (747)

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21-05-2003, 21:44

Nice development! I knew MAME already had 'some' OPL4 emulation and I wanted to use those sources to create a mwm-player (or even a plugin for Winamp). Unfortunately, it is missing the most important features at the moment (pseudo-reverb, vibration, tremolo) so sound quality is far from optimal.

By Manuel

Ascended (18238)

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21-05-2003, 22:46

Arjan, we use the stuff from MAME, so these features are also missing in openMSX Moonsound emulation. Work in Progress! Smile