PSPMSX 1.2.0

by MsXgAmEs on 24-09-2007, 17:57
Topic: Emulation

A new version of PSPMSX, the MSX series Emulator for the Playstation Portable, was released a few days ago.

New in this version:

  • Huge speed improvements, it runs now faster than 60 fps using only a 222Mhz PSP clock frequency
  • IR keyboard support
  • New graphics and reboot icons
  • Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
  • Added a new render mode (fit height)
  • New speed limiter function
  • Added option to display fps rate
  • Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
  • Added a simple intro splash screen
  • Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in German, French ...)
  • Bug fixes and code cleaning

Relevant link: PSPMSX

Comments (2)

By Grauw

Ascended (10581)

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26-09-2007, 19:03

Always good to see such a great performance upgrade. So now I guess games can be played without a hitch!

By cax

Prophet (3737)

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26-09-2007, 22:45

Sure it's offtopic here, but I'd like to see a decent PSP emulator for PC so I would be able to play Metal Gear Acid's and Portable Ops without buying PSP console.