Visual MSX 1.1

by anonymous on 10-04-2002, 18:13
Topic: Emulation

Source: NLMSX forum and Visual MSX site

New version of this wonderful frontend for NLMSX, the best MSX emulator for PC ! What's new in version 1.1 ?

  • Fixed a few access violation errors when the games lists are empty
  • The status window is now being properly closed on initialization
  • Added a new option to resize snapshots
  • Some visual changes
  • Support for .bmp snapshots format
  • Snapshots can also be in ScreenShot folder (NLMSX directory) Only .bmp format is valid. This is implemented so the snapshots on this folder can also be displayed, in case you forget to copy them to the proper frontend folders
  • The snapshot searching is now in this order: 1. Search for .png snapshot in frontend folder 2. Search for .bmp snapshot in frontend folder 3. Search for .bmp snapshot in emulator folder

This frontend is hosted on a new address

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