VisualMSX 1.3

by snout on 02-07-2002, 23:31
Topic: Emulation

A new version of this frontend for NLMSX has been released.Updates this time:

  • Game description is now being changed correctly... With this change a new Description entry on the games .ini files is added. Now, the section description is the filename (without path)
  • Lots of visual improvements, specially in Windows XP with themes
  • No more bold and shadowed labels
  • Fixed a bug regarding the clone entry on games list
  • The original filename was being also added in the clone filename,which is not the correct behavior
  • Added a new tab called Chip Settings on Emulator and Folders screen. With this new options you can change the CPU Speed and the Video Chip for every computer configuration you have
  • Just select the computer configuration, change the CPU Speed and/or the Video Chip values, and click on Save Settings button
  • All docs are now in .rtf format