VisualMSX 1.3.3

by snout on 16-08-2002, 12:04
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Files

A new version of this frontend for NLMSX was released today.Changelog:

  • Updated the memory type options, according to NLMSX v0.43
  • Fixed the MSX Turbo-R config name to Turbo-R, default name on NLMSX
  • Added the new NLMSX help file into the Help main menu
  • Added the Visual MSX tutorial into the Help main menu
  • Added a few Visual MSX and NLMSX links to homepage e-mail on Help main menu
  • Optimized buttons toolbar a little bit so more buttons can be added
  • Added support for the R800 CPU Speed setting
  • Some changes in the GUI
  • The minimum resolution that Visual MSX needs to run is now 800x600 pixels
  • Changed the clone column's information to hold the parent game's description, instead of the filename

Also, a big database of games for MSX, MSX 2, MSX 2+ and MSX Turbo-R, with all known games and links to their snapshots is now available on the site.