VisualMSX 1.4.6

by snout on 12-03-2003, 23:22
Topic: Emulation

It seems the developer of VisualMSX is making up for his months of silence, as updates are hitting the web on a daily basis now. The current version of this frontend is fully adapted to the latest version of NLMSX. The changelog:

  • When adding multiple folders, the backslash was not removed from the end of the path. Now it is.
  • Fixed incorrect filesize displayed when a file was not found
  • Fixed an issue with the default prefix when turning snapshot prefix off
  • Cosmetic fixes and changes
  • New logo
  • When VisualMSX starts for the first time, it will automatically open the settings screen for quick configuration
  • Lots of optimizations

Get the latest version of VisualMSX on the VisualMSX website