X-drivers for fMSX

by Bart on 26-01-2001, 11:53
Topic: Emulation

Version 2.3/3.2 of my X-drivers for fMSX is out.New features since 2.3/3.0:

  • works with fMSX v. 2.3
  • major changes in code for image generation to gain speed

since 2.3/3.1:

  • fixed BadValue error when combining MIT-SHM, horizontal scroll and screen blanking

since 2.3/3.2:

  • fixed bug made in the bugfix mentioned above (sigh)
  • fixed processing of options (-home works now)

As usual the drivers can be found via http://www.math.utwente.nl/~metselaa/msx/X-drivers.html.

Bugreports are welcome, bugfixes and reports that it works are evenmore welcome.

Arnold Metselaar