blueMSX Launcher v1.14

blueMSX Launcher v1.14

by oelsha on 02-09-2014, 21:15
Topic: Emulation
Tags: fMSX, blueMSX

blueMSX Launcher v1.14 has been released. The new version of the Windows front-end launcher for blueMSX is now also available in a 64 bit version and comes with some tweaks. Changes are:

  • Introduced a 64 bit build in addition to the 32 bit one.
  • Added MSX Generation LED display.
  • Rearranged the 'Fill Database' Window.
  • Only allow one instance of the launcher to run at the same time.
  • Added an option to automatically import extra data in the Fill Database and Drag & Drop windows, and to set company, year and country from the disk game name if it is in TOSEC format.

Relevant link: blueMSX Launcher

Comments (2)

By edoz

Prophet (2437)

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05-09-2014, 21:56

Looks very cool! I will try it Big smile

By jurjen74

Rookie (24)

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08-09-2014, 13:07

Very nice util, the UI remains a bit outdated though.