Bonami Spelcomputer Museum changes location

by Latok on 04-06-2015, 23:08
Topic: MSX Related

You probably have heard about the Bonami Spelcomputer Museum organizing fairs in The Netherlands where vendors as well as fans of retro gaming can trade items. They are key events for hobbyists, game freaks and collectors. Next to gaming consoles, the Bonami Spelcomputer Museum also focuses on other computer systems such as Atari, Commodore and of course MSX!

As the name of the organization suggests, they also have a museum and just recently, this museum changed its location to Westerlaan 51a in Zwolle. There they have set up more than 3000 square metres of gaming fun for all of us to enjoy. After paying a relatively small entrance fee you can walk through gaming history and play on more than 200 consoles, computers, arcades and pinball machines. And when you're there, don't miss out on the MSX inspired items such as a wall painting which was donated by MSX developer Darkstone. It's heaven!

The museum organizes game competitions, special exhibitions and it also features a Game Cafe for drinks and snacks. All in all, it's a fun day out, whether you're alone or with the whole family.

Relevant link: Bonami Spelcomputer Museum