In march this year Wessam Bahnassi of Arabian INFramez released a game heavily inspired on Konami's MSX title King's Valley. The game can be played on PC so there was room for improvement of the original game released on MSX1 in 1985.
Graphically and musically and control-wise the game got quite an overhaul while no less than twenty stages were designed.

Call of Khafra can be downloaded freely from their website while there's an option to donate money to support the children of Syria, which is quite a philanthropic gesture and yet one more reason to check out what this person/group made of our childhood puzzler.

Here's four relevant links to check out:

Relevant Link 1: Call of Khafra on Facebook
Relevant Link 2: Youtube Clip
Relevant Link 3: Interview with the maker (Arabian)
Relevant Link 4: Download site

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By anonymous

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27-09-2014, 21:34

konami would never sue them. They are totally open for these kind of remakes. Ask the guys from the metal gear remake project Sad

By valkyre

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25-09-2014, 20:17

A nice effort and any money received goes to a good cause. Hopefully konami will keep their noses out.

By Grauw

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25-09-2014, 20:40

I’m guessing King’s Valley is perhaps not such a high profile title as Metal Gear is Smile.

Have you seen the new MGS5 footage from TGS btw? Wow.

By sd_snatcher

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25-09-2014, 23:58

This remake really seems very good!

By Vampier

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28-09-2014, 18:33

Grauw wrote:

I’m guessing King’s Valley is perhaps not such a high profile title as Metal Gear is Smile.

Have you seen the new MGS5 footage from TGS btw? Wow.

To give a link

By uberjack

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12-10-2014, 05:58

No offense, but this is less "heavily inspired by KV" and more "reskinned KV". Somehow I prefer the original Smile

By wbahnassi

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12-11-2019, 08:52

Happy to see people liking it!
Call of Khafra was a "port" of King's Valley 1 done by the Arabic Game Developer Network as a training project to learn gamedev in a team setup. Having an already-done game with simple mechanics was paramount so contributors can focus their work and compare their results against a reference, in hope it gives them a good learning experience.

The end result was great, and contributors were proud of the project and their work. The game plays similar and different at the same time in comparison to Konami's original. The basic controls and behavior are the same. Then Khafra added a few capabilities (e.g. jump while carrying items, drop item), new item (torch), and carrying items across levels. Puzzles have been adjusted according to those new differences. E.g. you now have puzzles that span levels (grab item from one level to finish another). And the enemies behave different than Konami's because I couldn't decipher their exact pattern by just watching them, but I think the new behavior is not super bad.

I think the new source code is also posted somewhere..

So yeah.. give it a try if you haven't yet. You'll find something new and I hope you like it Smile And I'm here if you want to ask any questions.