Christmas Intro MSX 2012

Christmas Intro MSX 2012

by Pac on 31-12-2012, 13:02
Topic: Software

Although with some delay here we have a new MSX1 demo appropriate to these dates. Maybe nothing special, someone might think, but it is worth mentioning that this demo has been created in a couple of weeks by a Spanish retro scene aficionado and recently joined MRC member stephan, originally an Amstrad CPC 464 user.

After some years of inactivity, stephan wanted to make something in 8bits and the MSX, one of his favourite machines, was chosen. To make it possible, he collected Z80 information of some tutorials from wiki.speecy and mainly from dimensionZGames, finally the tools used were asMSX and WYZTracker.

The result, a demo that features a background scroll plus a big scroll text (in Spanish) with a nice background picture and snowing effect, all decorated with a great PSG version of the Wham!'s song Last christmas.

We have uploaded the ROM file to our database anyway for those who cannot wait there is a video.

Relevant link: Christmas Intro MSX 2012

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By mars2000you

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31-12-2012, 13:16

By MäSäXi

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02-01-2013, 13:20

Download link gives just this kind of stuff:

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By Edwin

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02-01-2013, 14:25

Apparently the mime type of .rom files is not set as binary. Save link as ... it.