Columns for the MSX2 is a great port of this classic game, deemed by many to be of 16-bit quality.
What could be sub-par are its two title screens, which are obviously just crude digitizations of the Sega Mega Drive title screens, looking bland and missing a lot of details. Even the aspect ratio was wrong.

This enhancement patch replaces the two title screens with new ones, remade as real pixel art which is even more colorful and detailed than the Sega "16-bit" ones. As a bonus, the patch also disables the keyboard click and removes the annoying copy protection.

Relevant link: FRS' MSX Page - patches section

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  • Columns enhancement patch
  • Columns enhancement patch

Comments (5)

By Manuel

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12-10-2018, 07:22

Great! I always wondered why the other musics from the sound test weren't used in the game. Any idea?

By Victor

Champion (509)

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12-10-2018, 08:28


The boss did it again!!! You're my master...


By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3594)

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12-10-2018, 19:09


I suspect Telenet initially had bigger plans for the game (*1), but ended having to rush it to be released (money problems?) without being fully finished. This is evident in the lack of the background on the menus, lack of dual-player mode, lack of the in-game BGM selection, and on the crude digitisations used for the title screens.

*1: They even subcontracted Compile to compose the beautiful soundtrack, which means that the game also supports the MSX-Audio


Thank you so much for your compliments. IMHO, you've achieved more impressive feats than my humble releases. Smile

By edoz

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12-10-2018, 19:57

What a nice idea to path this game! Really cool idea!! This is one of my favorites back then! And yes, 16 bit, this was what i was telling myself as well back then! Big smile Big smile Big smile Have to try it again as well Big smile

By Randam

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13-10-2018, 11:28

Very nice that you patched the game!!!

Any chance for additional features like Manuel noticed? Like the music from the music mode being kept in game or that awesome 2 player mode?