Defdanny's software treasures

Defdanny's software treasures

by Jorito on 19-03-2015, 22:04
Topic: Software

A few weeks ago, fresh user defdanny from Germany dusted off his trusty Philips VG-8235 and rediscovered his pixel art, music and programs that he worked on in the nineties. In this forum topic he announced some of the treasures on his 3.5 inch disks that should be preserved for the future, but he needed some help to get the files off the disk so they can be shared.

The community was of course as friendly as ever in helping out, and some of the software defdanny worked on was uploaded to the downloads database. The following software is up for grabs:

  • The Magical Editor is a bitmap graphic editor for screen 8. It has some nice functions, but the user interface is not really easy to understand. It comes wih a help-file / user manual in german language and an intro with nice graphics and music.
  • Music for the masses is a music compilation of some Music Module tracks composed by defdanny.
  • Copymaster - Copy tools collection is a collection of some existing copy tools like Fastcopy 3.0, Basscopy, X-Copy 1.0, X-Copy 2.0, MSX2+ Copy and Turbo-R Copy with a nice intro and selection screen.

If you know of or have some freely distributable MSX software, graphics, music or related content (mp3) please upload it right here and share it with the MSX community to enjoy!

Relevant link: MSX downloads

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  • Defdanny's software treasures
  • Defdanny's software treasures
  • Defdanny's software treasures

Comments (6)

By fernando.collazo.5682

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19-03-2015, 22:32

Thank you Defdanny

By Grauw

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20-03-2015, 00:03

Nice music disk! I’m reliving the 90s Smile. Did you sell it on one of the Dutch fairs at the time?

The copy tools will be handy to have on hand as well. I haven’t tried the editor yet…

By SkyeWelse

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20-03-2015, 18:50

Wow! Those intro screens are amazing! : ) I especially like "The Copy Master".


By Jorito

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20-03-2015, 19:17

He has a fondness for blue, it seems Smile

By CX5Mer

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20-03-2015, 19:30

Great stuff! I hope I can manage to use The Magical Editor to create some of my own SCREEN 8 artwork.

By defdanny

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21-03-2015, 17:29

Jorito, thank you for beeing featured in the news section!
Thats much more than expected! Smile
@grauw: no, sadly I habe never been to dutch fairs. 2-3 times I visited the meetings oft the german Home Computer Club HCC(?) in Neu-Ulm. They werde organized by Peter Gerstenheimer I think.
Somebody remembers these meetings?

I have some more music module tracks.
Hope you like them too.