French translator-oholic Django just released the English version of DIOS, an MSX2 game by Zainsoft.

Founded in 1984, the company Sein Soft changed their name to Xain Soft to eventually Zainsoft. They released quite a few MSX titles during their existence as an MSX software house. The game DIOS being the only one released under the new name Zainsoft, and only in Japanese language.

The recent English version is a result of Django's excellent translation work which makes this MSX2 action-RPG playable for non-Japanese speaking people as well. Nice one again, Django.

relevant link: Django's translation work
relevant link: Video footage of the translated game on YT.
relevant link: Play the English translated DIOS game online

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By tfh

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04-04-2021, 16:35

Nice! Another MSX game made playable for us mortals!
Thanks Django!


Rookie (24)

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04-04-2021, 21:41

Thanks LOL! Tongue

By Manuel

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04-04-2021, 22:11

That's the game with the intro demo, which is totally silent, right?

By Zandig Slaytanic

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05-04-2021, 00:50

Thanks Django, always appreciated.
Sein Soft / XAIN Soft / Zainsoft make some of my favorite games.

Was playing the PC88 version of the game a while ago. The MSX music compared to the PC88 music.....ouch.

@Manuel - correct, there is no intro demo music in the MSX version.

By gdx

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05-04-2021, 03:17

Thanks for the translation.

I think レンゲル (Leangle) is the thing like at the end of this "rouzer" weapon:


The name "Leangle" is the pronunciation of "Liangle" which is a club/polearm type weapon, which is related to the Minor Arcana version of the Suit of Clubs: the Suit of Wands.

Is it also possible to replace the "Kakko" (Japanese quotes) by just a colon and do not use only capital letters like below.


Famie: Someone comes.

instead of