by Latok on 30-05-2015, 10:09
Topic: Software

As a celebration to 30 years of MSX2 computing, the Spanish-Argentinean MSX group Oniric Factor have released their first MSX2 game Dribol

It is a nice platform game that of course features V9938 graphics. For sound, it supports the PSG. Unfortunately all the in-game texts are in Spanish. You can find some more pictures of the game right here

The game is being discussed on our forums as well. In this thread you can read the game runs too fast on MSX turboR. MRC user gdx made a patch to fix this issue.

Relevant link: Dribol

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By Vampier

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31-05-2015, 20:44

nice game... has some issues on turbo-r though (sound buffer seems to fill up quicker than it should) since it's written in basic.

By tonigalvez

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26-06-2015, 09:21

I like a lot, very nice game!!! I hope they continue developing more new games in the future.

By FiXato

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04-07-2015, 14:27

Love the suggested videos on this article. Apparently they think Dribol is a misspelling of drywall? ;-)