DSK-PRO 10.0

by cbsfox on 19-01-2016, 13:36
Topic: Software

DSK-PRO 10.0, subtitled "Don't Mess With Me Again Edition" has been recently released. Changes:

  • Hard Mode created. With this special protected mode enabled, it's possible to copy disks with Overlapping Sectors Lock and Clone Sectors Lock
  • Millenium BUG found and fixed. Since the first version of DSK-PRO there was a HUGE BUG that made DSK-PRO not to work properly in some machines
  • The speed in normal mode is even faster
  • The compatibility with all different MSX computers has increased a lot
  • Minor bugs fixed

If you try out this tool, please don't use another DOS1 instead the one inside the DSK file. The tool can be safely used with DOS2 or Nextor as well.

Relevant link: DSKPro 10 (zip)