Famous beards poll down, Konami cartridges poll up

Famous beards poll down, Konami cartridges poll up

by wolf_ on 25-12-2012, 10:31
Topic: MRC

Ho Ho Hey, it's Christmas Day. And Before we get on a roll, we'd better first close the old poll. The poll was actually somewhat weird, as we asked you for the most famous beard. We've counted all the votes too, and now we bring the results to you!

  • Wammes Witkop (MCCM) 27.1%
  • Big Boss (Solid Snake) 25.0%
  • Barter (Penguin Adventure) 24.0%
  • Grandpa (SD-Snatcher) 19.8%
  • Pirate (Higemaru) 4.2%

Luckily you've voted for all, and especially among the top the differences are small. But from the start we didn't have any doubt that one beard would clearly stand out. Wammes has a beard not to miss, it fits the epic character he is. With that, the old poll's closed, let's have a look at the new poll we've composed.

We've put a new poll onto the map, after it was suggested by hap. It's time for you to impress: how many Konami cartridges do you possess? Manual or box.. we don't care, but at least the game cartridge should be there. Originals they'll have to be, not the eBay scams we sometimes see!

That, and we'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange!

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