30 years ago the FM PAC was released, providing us with MSX Music and allowing us to save games conveniently to SRAM. The FM PAC has since become legendary because of its musical capabilities. But it also allowed to save games to the SRAM like its predecessor the PAC before it.
The 3 Ashguine games even had cross game save features. Ys 2 has a quick load from SRAM feature if you happen to die. And of course tons of other games allow to save to SRAM with it.
The PAC Commander which is used to manage the SRAM data was in Japanese though. But no longer. Triggered by the start of the development of the Carnivore 2, this shelved project was finished for release. Now you can manage your saves on the FM PAC on emulators as you see fit. Carnivore 2 by default doesn't come with a backup battery. It needs to be added or requested. Sharksym's PAC-V and paraMSX-R already can save to SRAM. But there might be other options we are not aware of. Unlock the full potential of your FM PAC, try it out and see.

Don't let Adol, Latok, Selios and their friends suffer from long disk saves.

Relevant link: FM PAC English translation

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By TheKid

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03-10-2017, 07:33

Very nice, after all these years I finally understand insantly what these options mean, without having the need of post-its on my cart Smile Good job, I love these translations.

By Grauw

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03-10-2017, 09:40

Good job!

By Meits

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03-10-2017, 11:11

It's not mentioned in the options of the news post, but I want it on an eprom in my fm-pac. That's for sure Smile

By Pippo

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03-10-2017, 15:40

Very, very good translation!
My real congratulations for this excellent work!

By spl

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27-10-2017, 13:21

Oh, good news! Big smile

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