fMSX 3.8

fMSX 3.8

by snout on 28-03-2014, 13:24
Topic: Emulation

Marat Fayzullin has released version 3.8 of the fMSX emulator. Both Unix source code and Windows version are now available. This release fixes the 5th sprite flags and adds proper support for cassette tape images.

The full changelog:

  • Added support for tape images, supplied in *.CAS files.
  • Implemented 5th/9th sprite fields in the VDP status register.
  • No longer clearing VRAM address latch when reading VDP status.
  • Added tape operations to the built-in menu.
  • Added "Simulate LCD Scanlines" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
  • Added "Load Tape Image" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
  • Added "Rewind Tape" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
  • Fixed "Documentation" menu option to fMSX-Windows.

Relevant link: fMSX website

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