King Kong 2 Ultimate Translation update

King Kong 2 Ultimate Translation update

by Imanok on 11-04-2013, 22:15
Topic: Software

After Imanok released the King Kong 2 Ultimate Translation last year, it appeared there was still some minor work left on the translation. A few days ago an update of the patch has been released to fix these 2 last issues. The translation itself hasn't changed, but it now includes a new, translated mini logo in the game screen designed by KdL and also includes new disk save and load routines by Ramones.

The updated patch can be downloaded from Imanok's website.

Relevant link: Imanok website

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By KdL

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13-04-2013, 18:44

heyyy! where are the previous comments? oO

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1762)

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13-04-2013, 21:25

This is a new newspost...

By Randam

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13-04-2013, 21:29

Nice update with the disk save/ load feature! Much appreciated! Cool

By KdL

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14-04-2013, 00:26

Ooops! I thought it was the old one, sorry.

By AxelF

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18-04-2013, 15:51

It would be nice if there was some error handling in the Save/Load part.
For exanple: if no disk is inserted, the game crashes back to basic with a DISK OFFLINE.
A more elegant sollution is to give a WRITE ERROR message and jump back to the game.