La Mulana 2 raises $266,670 on kickstarter

La Mulana 2 raises $266,670 on kickstarter

by snout on 31-03-2014, 16:22
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Nigoro secured the funding needed to develop a sequel to the Konami/MSX flavored platform game La Mulana by raising money on Kickstarter. In total, the Kickstarter campaign raised $266,670, well over the target goal of $200,000.

In this sequel Lumiza, daughter of La Mulana 1 protagonist Lemeza, is to solve the mystery of Eg-Lana. From the looks of it, it will all still he heavily inspired by Maze of Galious, originally relased on MSX by Konami in 1987.

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By Grauw

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31-03-2014, 17:08

I hope, even though that particular stretch goal wasn’t reached, it will eventually come to Playstation…

By mth

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31-03-2014, 17:41

Same for Mac/Linux versions. It's a pity that was a stretch goal, otherwise I might have backed it.

By snout

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31-03-2014, 17:42

Yup, imho for a 2D game such as Mulana PS3/4/Vita seem more important than OSX/Linux. Still, good to see the spirit of MSX being appreciated like this.

By Manuel

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31-03-2018, 23:33

Did La-Mulana 2 ever get released? I can't find evidence of it, at least not quickly.