Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"

Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"

by [D-Tail] on 16-12-2012, 14:19
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On december 14th of this year, Matra presented their latest creation: Konami Book: The Legend of Konami. This is a book about the MSX legend that is Konami. The book has magnificent full color pictures and drawings of all great Konami MSX sagas, such as Gradius, Snatcher, Metal Gear and so on. This compendium of every product released by Konami for MSX home computers also features unreleased productions, obscure editions and foreign bootlegs. A must-read for every Konami fan out there!

On the website there is a short slideshow that shows off the physical book. The book can be bought from Matra for € 30,- and in the future will be distributed by Bitwise in the Netherlands as well.

Relevant link: The Legend of Konami

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  • Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"
  • Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"
  • Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"
  • Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"
  • Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"

Comments (2)

By nanochess

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16-12-2012, 14:31

I didn't know I was a Konami fan until I saw the book's video. Then I shouted "I want one!!!!!" Already I've ordered it Smile

By MSXArnhem

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07-04-2013, 22:58

I just bought the book from Bitwise in The Netherlands. Here's my concise review of the book (please bear in mind that I'm not a professional book critic.)

It's a relative small book. It's about 1/2 A4 (approx. 21 x 15 cm). But it's quite thick: 1,5 cm. It's a very colorful book with some fantastic pictures and art work. It's real eye candy.

I haven't checked, but I have no doubt that all Konami MSX games are in the book. The games are in chronological order and it's very interesting to see how Konami games have developped over time (with Nemesis as the first Megabit game and Vampire Killer as the first MSX2 game).

It looks like the book has been written with the Konami game collector in mind, and not so much the gamer. There's a lot of Konami box art in the book and pictures of different cartridges. The book contains screenshots as well, but I would have liked more and bigger screenshots. Don't expect maps, walk throughs and cheats. However, the book contains some passwords.

I paid € 34,50 (including shipment) for the book. If I saw a book of this size at the book store, I would expect it to cost between € 10 or € 20. But there's a very small market for this book (how much MSX Konami fans are there?), so I understand a somewhat higher price. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? If you're a Konami fan like me: yes!

To sum up: I'm glad I bought the book.