The current maintainer of the target Z80 in GNU binutils, Arnold Metselaar, has decided to retire as maintainer soon.
The main programs in GNU binutils are the assembler, as, and the linke, ld, but there are many more. The code for the Z80 also supports the R800 and some undocumented instructions.

The maintainers of binutils communicate with each other in English via a mailing list. The maintainer is going to retire because he will soon cease to be able to respond adequately to questions and issues, as he will no longer have easy access to a computer.

Relevant link: Binutils - GNU

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By Manuel

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30-07-2018, 22:12

What is the state of these tools anyway? What can be practically done with them?
Is it already possible to target Z80 with gcc?

By FiXato

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30-07-2018, 23:11

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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31-07-2018, 12:44

I didn't knew gcc supported z80, maybe it is necessary to patch and compile source code base in order to have gcc doing z80 cross-compiling?

By Edevaldo

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31-07-2018, 16:32

GCC does not support Z80, but binutils does and gdb used to do (and may still do). This means you can assemble, link and debug programs targeting Z80.

GCC needs binutils support for it's targets. So a hypotetical gcc based z80 compiler needs binutils support for Z80 to be in place.

By Latok

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01-08-2018, 20:35

I wonder what Arnold is up to..... ' No easy access to a computer' .....That's quite something!?

By Manuel

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01-08-2018, 21:40

My guess: he'll be traveling by bike.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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04-08-2018, 21:45

Thanks Edevaldo for Your solid explaining words. Now I see It.
Ad far ad I know Motorola 680x0 has GCC (today v.8.2) up and running.
That's quite a big difference.
And LLVM has not a Z80 backend.

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