Málaga MSX meeting 2022

Málaga MSX meeting 2022

by ro on 29-08-2022, 08:37
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On Saturday the third of September 2022, the second edition of the Málaga MSX Meeting takes place in Spain.

Last year, the Málaga MSX Meeting had its first appearance in Spain. With a good turn out it proved to be a valid base for an annual approach. Hence, the announcement for the second issue. On Saturday the third of September the next meeting will take place.

The meeting is a good change to get in touch with fellow MSX users. The event will host talks, shows, workshops, contests, presentations and more MSX related things.

The venue for the event is located at La Fábrica del Videojuego, in Málaga, Spain. Doors are open from 10AM to 8PM with free entrance. Please register in advance.

Relevant link: MSX meeting in Málaga

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By djh1697

Paragon (1749)

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31-08-2022, 19:27

The EU rules state I cannot enter. I just checked the price of a flight, it would be £368 return, from my nearest airport, and that is before any accommodation. I hope that the fair is a success!