Mega Demo Remastered

Mega Demo Remastered

by TheKid on 15-09-2015, 15:29
Topic: Software

In October this year, it will be exactly 25 years ago since Delta Soft released Mega Demo. It's a milestone they could not let pass silently, so they decided to give this old demo an overhaul. This resulted in the Mega Demo Remastered version. All the pictures are polished and some were made into the proper resolution to fit the screen. On top of that, two new pictures are introduced and some small extra animations were added. The demo will be released on two double sided disks with a nice label and sold for the friendly price of 2 euros at the Bonami retro fair and on the Delta Soft website.

Relevant link: Delta Soft

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By ren

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18-09-2015, 13:23

Well, maybe I should give the original a spin in the emulator.. (Never have seen it.)

By TheKid

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21-09-2015, 09:31

Yes, give it a try, but keep in mind it was on of our first demos, so don't expect Unknown Reality quality Smile In a way it was the mother of all our programs to come. In this demo I experimented a lot with using pictures, fade-in/out effects, animating, using the music module ect.

By giuseve

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24-10-2015, 08:51

Uhm, 2euros for disks & ... 5 for shipping...
Maybe a digital version to sell it could be also a good idea