From various sources we have received information that MSX Association is trying to get in touch with developers of MSX software because they are going to release something in the near future. In a mail sent on MSX Association's behalf by Javi Lavandeira to an undisclosed group of MSX scene members, they are requesting MSX developers to send in their MSX games and/or applications so that they can be used in compatibility tests.

On his Twitter account Javi has recently published several tweets that might be related to these developments involving MSX Association, as he reported to be discussing MSX thingies in an Oshiage office. Only a few days before, he was looking for MSX developers and distributors outside Japan. There also seems to be a link with the newly established Compile-o, as this picture of Carbuncle and Puyo merchandise indicates he paid a visit to Moo Niitani.

Logically, one would assume that the something MSX Association is going to release is either an emulator of sorts, or a new hardware platform with MSX compatibility. Either way, it would appear a next wave of MSX revival is coming!

Update: in a statement on his blog Javi points out that the term for sending in software to MSX Association has already ended and that the visits to Moo Niitani of Compile-o are not related. Furthermore the tweet about MSX developers and distributors outside Japan was not related to distributing products in Japan. So what remains is the good news that MSXA is planning to release something in the future and that they are in the process of compatibility testing.

Relevant link: Javi Lavandeira

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By ro

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08-06-2016, 08:06

Snout, this post is full of "guessing". We just need the facts, mam. Perhaps Javi would be so kind to clear up the mystery himself Smile


Enlighted (6933)

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08-06-2016, 08:52

YouTube links above the text include this

A brain scan that might be able to tell a criminal's intentions

By Manuel

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08-06-2016, 09:23

To be honest, I got the same feeling as ro here: why not ask Javi to fill in the details? Or perhaps you did, and he didn't want to comment? Would be worth to mention if that's the case, as it would stop us from wondering "why didn't you simply ask the guy?" Smile

By Daemos

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08-06-2016, 11:48

no big revival going on.

By snout

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08-06-2016, 12:10

Post updated accordingly.

By ro

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08-06-2016, 12:41

Great, Snout.

By Vampier

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09-06-2016, 14:20

I wonder why Snout wouldn't ask Javi for comment ;)

By Samor

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10-06-2016, 15:02

Accidents happen. I hope we can move on but we all like a 33 year old computer system so perhaps we're universally bad at letting things go. Wink

By Daemos

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10-06-2016, 19:19


I wonder why Snout wouldn't ask Javi for comment Wink

because the metaphore in that blog doesn't make sense. If MRC is a cancer than what is that cancer based on? A cancer doesn't consist of weed but out of itself. It is a lifeform based on a similar lifeform growing in such fast pace that it dies by itself and kills the lifeform it spawned from. Weed doesn't do that, a weed is a plant or lifeform that has a very good adaption to the enviroment it lives in and thus strives usually overwhelming the lifeforms that are not so well adapted and thus those weaker lifeforms are kept intact by the gardeners. So it is the moderators job to preserve the weak and kill the strong?

Saying out loud that a community is a cancer is a waste of intelligence (read, I think that the writer of the blog is a very capable and intelligent person able to do great things and he currently is) that can be used to develop things and make the world a better place. I hope the writer realises the weight of his words?

Having something against the MRC moderators in general is a opinion for which I don't care, I have my opinions too and sure some of them mean that I disagree about some things as well. but since I post here and not being a moderator or whatsoever I find that one single scentence an extreme way of saying that nearly 80% of the MSX users are a part of a cancer. Thank you, offense taken.

Can we stop offending everyone in general and start doing something constructive like coding some cool software?

By mesiasmsx

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12-06-2016, 20:09

I agree Daemos.

By Sander

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12-06-2016, 23:07

We have about 600-1000 active users in one year, looking at logins and contributions, no matter how small. We have about 2000 unique ip-addresses per day, of which 70% is a returning visitor, 20.000 unique ip-addresses per month. Let's do crazy and divide that number with 3. That's mobile phone, homecomputer and laptop from work. Still almost 7000 lurkers who read the MRC often, of which 10% actually do something on this site.

But to call 700 people a cancer, Really? Because we had our `friend` Barcellos ignite the topic with some Brazilian sockpuppet, our Spanish friends took the bate (sadly) plus a few popcorn pictures really goes to far. Especially because most of us really lost people because of this terrible disease.

This is a hobby site. Nothing more, nothing less. A 20 year old hobby site about a homecomputer of more than 30 years old. Just make some fun together, be nice to one another. Yes we can try to agree to disagree sometimes. We are all right and king in our own universe. Just respect the other kings. And don't feed the trolls. Be creative. Don't piss on other people's creations (especially when you don't do anything yourself) and try to empathize with other people.

By Sander

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12-06-2016, 23:19

And for Javi Lavandeira: don't call me and 700 other msx'ers a cancer. I'm really upset that you made a post, starting with my name, calling me and others a cancer because you disagree with someone else. We don't know what's happening in Japan right now, but I expect that any liaison between Europe and Japan is someone that can build bridges, instead of destroying them. Hopefully you come to your senses and stop generalizing a few hundred people. Many whom might be future customers, if any new Japanese MSX product sees the daylight.

By jay.jay.coby

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29-07-2017, 01:36

The fact is that some MSX developers and enthusiasts here in Brazil have been extremely disappointed and irritated since the last time the MSX Association came up promoting a revival of the MSX standard.
Very high expectations were generated and what was seen was the launch of some products with high cost and small scale in addition to three editions of MSX Magazine and the return to commercialization of programs already old.
And stopped right here.
It became clear to many that it was a slot machine for the sole purpose of making cash.
Now comes the MSX Association with this proposal of wanting the programs developed during this period when we are on our own for "compatibility tests"?
The MSX standard actually never managed to keep all the hardware compatible. MSX-Audio was also proposed in MSX 1 but what ended up being imposed and standardized was the MSX-Music that was based on a product made by Panasonic / Matsushita that for cost reasons preferred to use a poorer sound chip and moreover not using the MSX-Audio standard.
Nothing against Panasonic, but it should remain FM-PAC and the MSX-Audio standard be built into MSX2 +.
As we usually say in Brazil "talk to the ox go to sleep"!