The music-related official documentation about the MSX standard remained largely untranslated until now, causing this important part of the standard to be one of the most obscure for us westerners.

But FRS, Sander (of Supersoniqs) and Takamichi teamed up to bring some light to the issue, and the product of this effort is now made available for everyone: The MSX-Datapack music-related chapters with English subtitles is now available on the MSX Assembly Page (thanks to Grauw for kindly hosting the files). As a bonus, the MSX Extended BIOS chapter was also translated, since it's extensively used by the MSX-Audio BIOS.

Relevant link: MSX Assembly Page

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By tvalenca

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16-09-2015, 19:17

Über Kudos!

By Grauw

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16-09-2015, 20:00

Great job by FRS, Sander and Takamichi!

By JohnHassink

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17-09-2015, 02:31

Grauw wrote:

Great job by FRS, Sander and Takamichi!

Let's not forget that you're awesome for hosting it. Smile

By Parn

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18-09-2015, 15:14

This is full of awesome.