MSX features in Finnish SKROLLI magazine

by Latok on 14-02-2015, 10:13
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Finnish computing culture magazine Skrolli focuses on subjects that are generally disregarded in the mainstream media, such as Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, hardware tweaking and the wide variety of computer subcultures. The articles aim to the real understanding of things instead of just consuming them. Still, the stories are written for everyone to enjoy without the requirement of having background knowledge.

In the latest issue MRC user NYYRIKKI has written an extensive article about running MSX ROM-games on SVI machines using his ROM loader. You can find the article, which is written in Finnish, on pages 12-14.

Relevant link: SKROLLI Magazine 2014.4

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By Marq

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14-02-2015, 15:00

Here's some more MSX content on their website:

By ToriHino

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14-02-2015, 17:32

Too bad my finnish is a bit rusty at the moment Wink