MSX-HID protocol reverse engineered and documented

by sd_snatcher on 12-04-2018, 03:24
Topic: Hardware

The MSX-HID was a de-facto standard for Human Interface Devices that are connected to the general purpose ports (AKA joystick ports). It provides a simple and reliable way for detection and handling different protocols via these ports.

It took many years digging through a lot of devices and some very scarce documentation until MRC user sd_snatcher could finally connect all the dots to see the big picture, and now all the information was published in the following MSX-Wiki article.

Now it can be properly emulated, and hopefully even newer devices can be built based on the standard.

Relevant link: MSX-HID article on the MSX-Wiki

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By Pencioner

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12-04-2018, 13:02

That's good news! I hope someone from hardware Guru-s could develop something like those Taito devices with absolute positioning for playing Arkanoid games Smile