MSX Pixel Art and Chiptune Preservation projects

MSX Pixel Art and Chiptune Preservation projects

by ro on 26-05-2019, 19:42
Topic: Music

Preserving the MSX legacy is a no brainer, according to the hardcore user. And it should. MSX has been alive since the 1980's and gave us plenty of good. Good software, images, audio, and above all good memories. And the community is keen on preserving these goods. All of them goods.

There's much to be preserved, for sure. MRC user sd_snatcher, aka FRS, has started his own journey and created the MSX Pixel Art- and MSX chiptune Collection series. In these series he bundles up a good amount of MSX history. He just released the MSX Pixel Art Collection Volume 3 and MSX Chiptune collection volume 1.

MSX Pixel Art
This collection of pixel art is intended to preserve the vast diversity of images that were published for the MSX system in all its generations. It is the 3rd in the series and contains nearly a 1000 new screen files. Both original MSX drawings and rearranged art, in specific folders. It also includes images from the very rare Guide CG Disk Vol.1 Magazine, that had images from many famous MSX Pixel Artists of that time.

MSX Chiptune Collection
Similar to the MSX Pixel Art Collections, FRS released a package with all the audio files he has been collecting over the years. It's the The MSX Chiptune Collection Vol.1. This collection contains more than 6000 original MSX chiptunes in a variety of different native MSX music formats. From MSX-BASIC "play" files to Moonblaster, MIDI Saurus to Trilo Tracker, it's all there.

You can download the collection for free, perhaps you could start your own preservation project with unique MSX files. It is our legacy.

relevant link: FRS's MSX collections.

original submission: sd_snatcher | text: ro | image: hamlet

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By ToriHino

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28-05-2019, 18:14

Some great collections, must have taken quite some time to collect and organise these.

By ro

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29-05-2019, 07:42

Somehow I feel there should be a dedicated place, with exact mirrors, for this kinda stuff. I noticed other players doing book-scans for preservation too. A central place to have all this goods stashed. And I dare say we should even add all existing software there, too. MSX Walhallah.

By sd_snatcher

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18-06-2019, 23:46

It's a really beautiful composition you made to illustrate the article, hamlet! Thank you!

By Manuel

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13-07-2019, 00:40


By hamlet

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13-07-2019, 10:12

I put most of them on