MSX meeting Reibeirão 2016

by wilsonpilon on 31-08-2016, 07:52
Topic: Events

In the weekend of 10/11 September 2016, the annual meeting of Ribeirão Preto MSX users will be held in São Paulo, Brazil. It's a great moment to reunite with friends who share the same MSX passion for a chat, to exchange information and to see new developments.

Please use the registration form to attend the event. More information can be found on the event website.

Here is a link to the photo album of last year, to get you in the mood. And here's an overview of other MSX meetings in Brazil.

Relevant link: MSX Ribeirão.

Comments (5)

By wilsonpilon

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31-08-2016, 13:00

Sorry... my bad Crazy the correct link to registration form is here.

By ro

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31-08-2016, 14:18

[update]Fixed registration link, thanx wilsonpilon.

By tvalenca

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31-08-2016, 19:57

Just out of curiosity, anyone outside Brazil willing to come?

By sd_snatcher

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04-09-2016, 18:44

"Reibeirão" 2016?! LOL!

By raymond

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08-09-2016, 13:07

tvalenca wrote:

Just out of curiosity, anyone outside Brazil willing to come?

Willing, yes, however to go to Brasil for this is a bit to expensive Wink I have done it once to MadridSX a couple of years ago. Always nice to visit an MSX meeting in a different country Big smile