MSXdev'14 #1 - Mr. Cracksman

MSXdev'14 #1 - Mr. Cracksman

by viejo_archivero on 13-12-2013, 11:56
Topic: Challenges

And here it is the first finished entry of the MSXdev'14, months before the deadline: it's Relevo's previously announced entry Mr. Cracksman!

You take the role of Mr. Cracksman, the thief: you must travel each maze trying to get coins and treasures, taking care of not getting caught by the police. If you get every coin in the stage, you will proceed to a new level and difficulty increases: also a versus mode is available for you to challenge a friend in a kind of "cops 'n robbers" game!

This 8KB game in ROM format is a love letter to Sega's arcade classic "Head On", considered as the first "eat dots in a maze" game even before Namco's "Pacman", where you control a car inside a dot filled maze trying to avoid crashing with your red opponent. You can already download Mr. Cracksman from its forum thread in MSXdev'14 official boards at Karoshi's MSX Community!

There are still plenty of time for you to come with a great MSX game for the MSXdev'14! There is already the huge amount of 15 announced entries and a finished one, so: what are you waiting for to join the fun?

Relevant link: Mr. Cracksman official thread (video)

Comments (5)

By nanochess

Master (222)

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13-12-2013, 14:39

Cool! Smile


Enlighted (6564)

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13-12-2013, 15:20

Lovely! You know I prefer larger projects, but I admit there is still some room for direct to play and old style funny small games

By hit9918

Prophet (2906)

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13-12-2013, 17:07

Good animation and catchy tune can make a nice rush.
Difference to pac man is that turning reverse takes time. Or is there maybe no turning at all?
Well then in some occasions your last rescue was that the police changed out of your lane like fleeing from you.
I would like less of such random factor. Then it is possible that things turn even more wild without game over.
That would need ability to turn as last rescue. But needing some acelleration time, you only do it when unavoidable, then it promotes things keeping in that wild run in circles.

By hap

Paragon (2039)

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14-12-2013, 20:28

Fun MSX version of Head On Smile and makes good use of SCREEN1.

By Maggoo

Paragon (1214)

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16-12-2013, 21:58

Looks really nice. "Classic" arcade game play and I like the attention to details. Don't know why but the music reminds me a bit of Vampire Killer level 1 (I mean that in a good way).

Thumbs up !