MSXdev'14 - Mr. Cracksman announced

MSXdev'14 - Mr. Cracksman announced

by viejo_archivero on 03-10-2013, 07:48
Topic: Challenges

Along with the contest opening, lots of projects are starting to be announced! The first one is Mr. Cracksman from Relevo Videogames.

There is not too much information about this game yet, except that it will be a maze game featuring a little thief as the main character. More information will follow, so be sure to check the MSXdev'14 boards for any updated details about MSXdev'14 entries!

Do you want to enter the MSXdev'14 with a project? Not a developer, but wanting to support the contest with a donation for the main prize? Everybody, join the MSXdev'14 fun!

Relevant link: Mr. Cracksman

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By JohnHassink

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03-10-2013, 23:14

Looking forward to updates! Smile