MSXdev'14 - Pakupaku no Daibouken

MSXdev'14 - Pakupaku no Daibouken

by viejo_archivero on 13-10-2013, 09:01
Topic: Challenges

The MSXdev'14 is on fire! We have already six projects announced and we are sure more will follow: now it is time for Pakupaku no Daibouken from Relevo Videogames!

Right some days after they announced Mr. Cracksman for the contest, Relevo has surprised us all with another early entry announcement: according to the entry thread, it seems the game is planned to be a shooter. Also, if we take a close look to the logo and title of the game we can assume we are probably going to deal with an alligator as the main character of this game: anyway, more information will follow during the contest, so stay tuned!

The MSXdev contest is all about MSX fun, creativity and enjoying new games: join the MSXdev'14 by entering the contest or donating for the big prize!

Relevant link: Pakupaku no Daibouken