So here it is, folks - the second entry to the ongoing MSXdev contest. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape from a facility that's teeming with dangerous slimes? Well, Slime Center might just be the game that gives you the closest experience to that. The gist of it is finding useful items to ward off the relentless blobs, so you can force your way to the exits. Exciting moments are guaranteed with this frantic but rewarding arcade style game.
You might remember the creator of this game as N.I. from Bubbo World, which was a fast-paced game in its own right, but obviously, Slime Center takes everything to an entirely new level.

Are you working on an MSX game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide audience as possible, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: MSXdev'17 - Slime Center
Relevant link: N.I.

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  • MSXdev'17 #2 - Slime Center
  • MSXdev'17 #2 - Slime Center
  • MSXdev'17 #2 - Slime Center

Comments (7)

By gdx

Enlighted (6429)

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07-03-2017, 01:30

Nice, I like this game.

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

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09-03-2017, 16:56

I do too. There is more thought and strategy behind it than one would think at first glance. It's really well made at closer inspection. The only thing that's missing is some aptly creepy music.

By Manuel

Ascended (19677)

Manuel's picture

09-03-2017, 21:06

It could use some polish on the graphics department.... and music too.

But the game is pretty cool!

I got stuck though, with 2 scissors and a blue card. There's nowhere I can go! What can I do with the scissors?

By N.I

Master (179)

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10-03-2017, 12:46

Manuel wrote:

I got stuck though, with 2 scissors and a blue card. There's nowhere I can go! What can I do with the scissors?

You can cut red wires with the scissors. Wink

By Manuel

Ascended (19677)

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10-03-2017, 21:53

These red wires from the 2nd screenshot? The ones that kill you when you walk through them? How can I use the scissors on them? I tried...

By theNestruo

Champion (429)

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10-03-2017, 22:56

Cut the wire at the left, not the red lasers.

I got stuck later; after killing the big slime, I needed a red card I didn't have, but couldn't go back either.

By ren

Paragon (1947)

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21-03-2017, 13:47

(These forums need [spoiler/] tags... Wink)

Still need to check this one out, does look interesting!