Santi Ontañón (Brain Games) enters the contest with Tales of Popolon, a surprising raycasting game for first generation MSX machines. We take on the role of Popolon, a brave knight who is probably very familiar to most of us. Once again he has to fight against evil forces, this time by entering a castle featuring a 3D graphical perspective.

This game is open source. You can find the project at GitHub.

Are you working on an MSX game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide audience as possible, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: MSXdev - Tales of Popolon

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  • MSXdev'17 #4 - Tales of Popolon
  • MSXdev'17 #4 - Tales of Popolon
  • MSXdev'17 #4 - Tales of Popolon
  • MSXdev'17 #4 - Tales of Popolon

Comments (19)

By fernando.collazo.5682

Master (171)

fernando.collazo.5682's picture

23-03-2017, 02:14

Wow this is pretty cool when runs 100% speed in bluemsx. The scroll is smooth

By Lord_Zett

Paladin (739)

Lord_Zett's picture

23-03-2017, 19:25

damn. this is really nice made. for msx1 cool

By Pippo

Master (178)

Pippo's picture

23-03-2017, 21:17

As I said before, this is a very good game! Smile

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1116)

Kai Magazine's picture

23-03-2017, 23:15

Nice! congratulations!
It reminds me a lot of spectrum's "doom":

By ghost_jp

Resident (60)

ghost_jp's picture

24-03-2017, 04:54

Daer Santi,

Soon after your entry, I subscribed a short greeting on your page in MSXdev site. However it seems not to be approved by the administrator for a while. Well, now I respectfully say I must bare my head against your brilliant technique. I strongly feel honored to enter the contest at the almost same time with you.

By syn

Paragon (1460)

syn's picture

24-03-2017, 10:11

This looks amazing! Good job!

By edoz

Paragon (1866)

edoz's picture

24-03-2017, 11:55

Funny game to play!! This is cool for MSX1.. i wonder how they got that speed on the spectrum.?

By ren

Hero (570)

ren's picture

24-03-2017, 17:03

Things are looking good for this year's compo!


Enlighted (4498)

NYYRIKKI's picture

25-03-2017, 12:25

OMG, this looks great!!! Absolutely fabulous on MSX1!

I just had to make a little video of gameplay on MSX tR...

By santiontanon

Master (250)

santiontanon's picture

25-03-2017, 16:51

Glad you like it guys! Big smile

And thanks for the videos on Youtube, watching people play the game is a lot of fun for me! Big smile

As for Spectrum Doom, yeah, it looks stunning! I'd really like to see the source code to see how they did it, but I haven't found neither the code, nor the ROM anywhere online! (the only ROM available in WoS looks quite different from the youtube video...)


Enlighted (4498)

NYYRIKKI's picture

25-03-2017, 17:48

Yeah, it's a great game!! Not only that it is technically impressive, it has also nice story line, nice little puzzles and it is fun to play!

Ps. The version on MSXdev-page seems to be broken... You can't use secondary weapon, pause etc. For people who actually like to play this I suggest compiling the game directly from sources.

By santiontanon

Master (250)

santiontanon's picture

26-03-2017, 03:17

oh, yeah, I need to update the version in MSXdev, thanks for the reminder! Big smile The version there is the very first I uploaded (v1.0), which has many bugs. I'll resubmit the updated version

By MSXdev Team

Rookie (18)

MSXdev Team's picture

28-03-2017, 03:58

Update: version 1.1.1 now available for download on the entry's page.

By ray2day

Champion (402)

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30-03-2017, 22:16

We all know some before tries like Ylligus and Dungeon Hunter as tries 3D on a MSX but well... didn't know this was possible for MSX1 !! Wow. Look at the speed. Wolf3D/Poplon3D dizzy again...!! Big smile GOOD JOB!


Enlighted (4498)

NYYRIKKI's picture

31-03-2017, 03:45

ray2day wrote:

We all know some before tries like Ylligus and Dungeon Hunter as tries 3D on a MSX but well... didn't know this was possible for MSX1 !!

Hmm... I don't know "Ylligus"...

In my mind I would consider Eidolon" as the most close relative... It is extremely impressive especially considering it was made in 1985, but it is still very hard to compare these two as they come from such a different approaches.

By tfh

Paragon (1186)

tfh's picture

01-04-2017, 09:29

Hi Sationtanon,
Thanks for your nice e-mail. I have added the game online and it can be played here:

Please note that my site will have some downtime today.
I will also keep an eye on this thread and update the file when needed. Thanks for making this great game!

By santiontanon

Master (250)

santiontanon's picture

01-04-2017, 16:18

Thanks! Big smile

@ray2day I've been trying to look for Ylligus out of curiosity, but Google cannot seem to find anything. A link would be appreciated! Big smile

By ~mk~

Master (183)

~mk~'s picture

01-04-2017, 17:46

He is probably talking about Iligks, by ASCII corp.
This game mazes are great and I like the atmosphere of the game, not because of the graphics but use of colors and sounds are excellent IMO.

By santiontanon

Master (250)

santiontanon's picture

06-04-2017, 04:39

Oh! ok, thanks -mk-! wwatching a video of it right now Smile

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