MSXdev'18 #15 - Goal

MSXdev'18 #15 - Goal

by MSXdev Team on 18-02-2019, 02:50
Topic: Challenges

Welcome to the world of soccer! This is Goal, a management simulator where you manage your favorite soccer team. Choose wisely where and how to spend your budget in order to win the League. If you waste your money you will not be able to pay the inscription fee for the championship, which will get you fired! Now, go train for championship.

This MSX game is written in MSX-BASIC back in 1990 by G.G.G. Soft. Intended to be published in an Italian MSX magazine that, unfortunately, just closed shop. So, the game remained unreleased... until now. Goal has been submitted to this years edition of MSXdev just before the deadline. And with that, it closes the line of submitted entries.

MSXdev is alive since 2003 and has given us nothing but solid gems so far. And this year is no difference, a total of 15 entries have been submitted. Check out the MSXdev archive.

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  • MSXdev'18 #15 - Goal
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Comments (3)

By enribar

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18-02-2019, 19:05

Grande! Un vero reperto archeologico che rievoca le magiche atmosfere della mitica rivista msx computer magazine!!!
Grazie mille!

By CASDuino

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21-02-2019, 14:09

CAS version of the original BASIC game can be found here.

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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25-02-2019, 19:39

robylu has updated the game, which can be found here.