Here is the first entry for the MSX Freestyle category, and it is a puzzle game for V9990. Dreams Puzzle follows the classic mechanics of sliding puzzles but in this case the pictures look awesome thanks to the artwork made by Josephine Wall who granted her kind permission to use it in this game.
Dreams Puzzle uses the screen mode B3/512 x 424/16bpp and 32768 colors, and features music by MSX chiptuning veteran Meits.

Are you working on an MSX game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide as possible audience, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: MSXdev - Dreams Puzzle

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  • MSXdev'18 #5 - Dreams Puzzle
  • MSXdev'18 #5 - Dreams Puzzle
  • MSXdev'18 #5 - Dreams Puzzle

Comments (12)

By Pippo

Champion (385)

Pippo's picture

27-07-2018, 17:18

Mapax made an excellent work. Smile
Meits is great too. Smile
Particular thanks to Josephine for her simply magnificent artwork! Smile Smile
- The Gfx9000 is the Video Processor for excellence.

By Vampier

Prophet (2195)

Vampier's picture

27-07-2018, 19:54

4.2Mb ROM... how does one start this game on a real MSX? Smile

By Manel46

Master (255)

Manel46's picture

27-07-2018, 20:25

In the mfr ssc + sd + V9990
Update ROM Disk 1.19 software, from
If you have a recent version of the cartridge, it will work correctly.
If the version is before the summer of 2017, the hardware must be updated. Contact Guillian.

By Manel46

Master (255)

Manel46's picture

27-07-2018, 20:23

Friend Vampier, the rom is 4 Mbs (4096 Kbs) . Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (14470)

Manuel's picture

27-07-2018, 23:15

That is truly amazing art work and it comes out fantastic on the GFX9000 Smile

By ToriHino

Master (230)

ToriHino's picture

28-07-2018, 10:16

When i run it on my Turbo R using MFR + sd + V9990 (the loader uses ASCII 16K), i get the bottom half of the title screen messed up and also all texts are just white bars. First puzzle screen looks okay again, however still white bars in stead of text.

By Meits

Scribe (5041)

Meits's picture

28-07-2018, 10:51

You need the latest mfr and the latest opfxsd.

By Manel46

Master (255)

Manel46's picture

28-07-2018, 11:17

Yes. I have explained it before.

By Lazzeri

Master (223)

Lazzeri's picture

28-07-2018, 12:36

Beautiful imagery! Congratulations!

By ToriHino

Master (230)

ToriHino's picture

28-07-2018, 15:24

Manel46 wrote:

Yes. I have explained it before.

Thanks, somehow i missed your earlier post. Version 1.19 indeed fixed the problem


Master (240)

MISXTOR's picture

29-07-2018, 14:35

Awesome game...

I have a passion for puzzles games and I´m enjoying your game very much. Fantastic music, images/drawings and gameplay.

Congratulations on your work.

By Manel46

Master (255)

Manel46's picture

30-07-2018, 20:20

I put together some fragments.

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