by popolony2k on 02-04-2013, 16:13
Topic: Software

Brazilian MSX user popolony2k has released the latest version of MSXDUMP last weekend. MSXDUMP is a disk editor that's part of the MSX Disk Doctor suite. This version can handle file, disk, IDE and any other device supported by the MSXDOS operating system to store data. Now, all operations made on IDE devices support 24 bit sector handling, and FAT16 partitions can be accessed until its limit.

The software and its source code are available under the GPLv3 license at, the source code and binaries can be downloaded on the Old Skool Tech project repositories. Popolony2k's website contains an extensive description of the program and all its options and settings (in Portuguese).

MSXDUMP is now considered finished by its creator and any next version that will be released will contain only bugfixes and small improvements until the first version of MSX Disk doctor 1.0 is released.

Relevant link: MSXDUMP v0.2 (final) available on SourceForge