MSX.emu 1.5.2

MSX.emu 1.5.2

by snout on 14-11-2012, 20:10
Topic: Emulation

MSX.emu 1.5.2 has been released a few days ago. MSX.emu is an MSX emulator for Android, iOS and WebOS and is based on the BlueMSX core.

A lot has changed since our last report on version 1.4.34. Here's a list of all the changes.

  • Fixed a possible crash depending on how the system font handles missing characters
  • Android: Disabled Fast CPU->GPU Copy support on Adreno 200 due to GPU driver bugs
  • iOS: Handle composed text properly (European characters with accents, Korean, etc.)
  • WebOS: Fixed a crash opening the Input options
  • WebOS: Auto-rotate to upside down landscape mode on the Touchpad
  • Android: Fixed a minor input handling glitch that causes "Failed to receive dispatch signal" to be printed repeatedly in the Android log
  • Android: Fixed the 32-bit color Adreno GPU hack added in 1.5.0, should fix motion blur in landscape on Galaxy S3
  • Re-wrote core text rendering code with these improvements: recognize Unicode UTF-8 text, improved performance slightly, more accurate word wrap
  • Added upside-down portrait orientation setting, and use it in auto-mode if supported
  • Don't show image from previous game behind auto-load state prompt
  • Wrote a new font renderer that hooks into the font support provided by the OS. This means apps use the system font (differs by OS version), display any characters supported by it (Japanese, etc.), and the app size is reduced slightly since the bundled font isn't needed
  • Added option to disable fast CPU->GPU copy (SurfaceTexture) on Android 4.0+ in case of GPU driver bugs
  • Fixed controls turning into dark rectangles on Adreno 225 GPUs (Galaxy S3, etc.) due to an OpenGL driver bug (mainly triggered by MD.emu)
  • Prevent unknown keycodes sent by the OS from performing unwanted actions like opening the menu
  • Support USB gamepad hotplug on Android 3.1+
  • Disable 32-bit color on Adreno GPUs with Android 4.0+, fixes reported ghost images and distortion on multiple devices like the Galaxy S3 with Snapdragon SoC
  • Added extra high density icon (for Nexus 10, etc.), also used for Xperia Play launcher
  • Added option to increase the app's process priority, may help if background apps are interfering with performance
  • Fixed screen orientation issues on iOS 6

MSX.emu can be bought for € 6,19 in Google Play.

Relevant link: MSX.emu on Google Play