MSX.emu 1.5.3

MSX.emu 1.5.3

by snout on 18-12-2012, 10:42
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MSX.emu has been released. The changelog looks as follows:

  • Added Save Path option to control where save states, save memory, and cheats are loaded/saved
  • Changed various BIOS select menu entries to show the currently selected file
  • Save the Show Bounding Boxes on-screen config option to the config file
  • Fixed possible USB gamepad detection errors by waiting 100ms after a device is plugged in before re-scanning
  • Changed input handling to prevent unresponsiveness on Android 3.1+ when using multiple USB controllers
  • Fixed pushing buttons with the same key code on multiple USB controllers at once
  • Added Use Highest Color Mode option to control which display mode the app selects at startup. On Android, you can turn this on to get 32-bit color if supported by your device (previously all <= 2.3 devices used 16-bit, all non-Adreno devices on Andoird 3.0+ used 32-bit). Some devices like the Galaxy S3 currently have driver bugs in their 32-bit support so you should leave it off if you experience any display corruption
  • Clip window size on startup if it exceeds the workable desktop area
  • Fixed possible bug in unique instance registration (don't use spaces in DBUS name)

MSX.emu can be bought for € 6,19 in Google Play.

Relevant link: MSX.emu on Google Play

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By Vampier

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20-12-2012, 00:48

Try now openMSX for android! it's FREE and has a nice user friendly menu.

Here is a short demonstration:

Stay tuned for more updates!

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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20-12-2012, 18:05