MSX.emu 1.5.6

MSX.emu 1.5.6

by snout on 06-01-2013, 15:06
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MSX.emu - an MSX emulator for Android based on blueMSX - has been released, mainly fixing small issues specific Android devices. The changelog since we last reported about this emulator looks as follows:

  • When setting a save or BIOS path, switch to the previously selected directory if it exists
  • Don't forget the previous directory "Load Game" was in
  • Allow setting sound buffer size down to 3 frames
  • Fixed blank on-screen controls on Vivante GPUs due to auto-mipmap driver bug
  • Fixed startup crash on some Adreno GPUs by initializing OpenGL surface directly to the requested color mode, instead of reinitializing it multiple times
  • Fixed input lag on the R800i Xperia Play by explicitly checking for events at the start of each frame
  • Compiled apps using a pre-release GCC 4.8.0 compiler for some small speed boosts

In between these releases there was an attempt to use OES_draw_texture OpenGL extension to draw the screen if supported, which may help on older devices where performance is GPU-limited. However, due to driver issues this functionality has now been removed. It will be a configurable option in future releases.

MSX.emu can be bought for € 6,19 in Google Play.

Relevant link: MSX.emu on Google Play

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By Vampier

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06-01-2013, 18:49

Instead of paying € 6,19 why don't you help the openMSX team out and report any bugs or problems?

Try one of the builds here:


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