The Metal Edition (version 22.5.2017) is the fourth release of Multipaint. This version introduces a new paint color behavior model. Other changes are preset dithers with related tools, improvements to mouse events, a new color indicator and a more consistent behavior across platform and a general tidying up of functions.

Tero Heikkinen's Multipaint, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, allows you to draw pictures with the color limitations of some typical 8-bit computer platforms. The screen formats supported are C64 high resolution, C64 multicolor, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Plus/4 Hires, Commodore Plus/4 multi color, MSX1 and Amstrad CPC0.

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  • Multipaint Metal Edition released
  • Multipaint Metal Edition released

Comments (8)

By hamlet

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28-05-2017, 22:57

I like that tool since previous versions. After the update to V4, my OS10.12 system didn´t show up the menu icons. Did anyone noticed the same effects or didn´t I payed attention to some settings?

By Marq

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29-05-2017, 08:03

Someone should really fix that "Marq and Kameli" Smile The author is Dr. TerrorZ/L!T (Tero Heikkinen as it says there) and I only helped a little. No camels were involved except the domain name is kameli.

By mtn

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29-05-2017, 20:06

Sorry about that.

I was the one who submitted the newspost (and was the OP about it in the software section here on and apparently got it wrong. I first say the software mentioned on CSDB.

However, I am not a admin on so I cannot do much about my wrong-doings. Smile

By ro

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30-05-2017, 08:51

update: I revised the post a bit, giving credits where credits are due Smile

By nitrofurano

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31-05-2017, 01:50

i didn’t try it yet - did he implement msx2 palette as i asked him? and UlaPlus/SamCoupé on ZX-Spectrum mode?

By CX5Mer

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01-06-2017, 02:43

I've never heard of it before, but I think it's amazing! I like the fact it's based on Deluxe Paint. I've just managed to draw a test picture of some filled circles, filled squares, and lines in Amstrad CPC Mode 0. I tried the same thing in MSX1 mode first, but then it stopped working and I can't find my saved file. I think this software is much better than GIMP, Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro for creating graphics. I plan to do a lot of artwork using this in the near future. The most flexible mode seems to be Commodore Plus/4 hires. I wish someone would add MSX2 screen modes, or even Amiga.

By hamlet

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02-06-2017, 16:11

I did´nt come further with solving my OSX problem, so I will contact the devs. But meanwhile we did a workaround:

By hamlet

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03-06-2017, 11:05

Ok, Tero guided me to an working OS Multipaint. The programm seems to be unable to locate icons.bin as long as it isn´t in your programs folter. So easily copy icons.bat from the multipaint folder into (the same, the one, the) macs program location, start over and paint.