MSX2 expansion ROM for MSX

French MSX enthousiast Fabf is building on a cartridge which upgrades any MSX machine to MSX2 specifications, based on the work of MsxPro and corrected by BAFF and Jipe on MsxVillage. The extension contains a MSX2 VDP, 128KB VRAM, ExtROM and video circuitry. For demonstration, he posted a small YouTube demonstration video showing the double boot As of yet, the only things still missing are the quartz and video components. Also noteworthy is that Fabf states it is easy to replace the 9938 VDP with a 9958, which opens MSX2+ possibilities, and that he is researching means to reproduce something similar to the VSU project.

Relevant link: MSX Village discussion

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By djh1697

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16-08-2017, 00:35

was this ever made available?