Nerlaska's blog and MSXArm wiki - links added

by snout on 31-12-2012, 13:27
Topic: Websites
Tags: MSXArm, nerlaska

Our collection of links to MSX websites keeps growing and growing, with the addition of Nerlaska's blog and the MSXArm website.

On Nerlaska's blog you can find information about the upcoming projects Gazzeru, Athletic Land 2 and MSX Invaders.

On the MSXArm website you can find additional information on this upcoming turboR upgrade kit, including a detailed explanation of what we're actually seeing in ]this video of MSXArm in action.

Do you own or know a nice MSX website that is not yet listed in our MSX links corner? By all means, submit your link(s)!

Relevant link: Nerlaska's blog
Relevant link: MSXArm website