New FPGA SCC chip compatible with Konami cartridges

by janghang on 02-01-2014, 17:37
Topic: Hardware

No more need to cannibalize SCC chips and resistor arrays from Konami SCC cartridges! Two Korean developers, gomwing and Megaminx, created a new SCC chip which is based on FPGA. It supports perfect pin-to-pin compatibility with Konami's original SCC chips and SCC cartridges, and includes a resistor array (D/A convertor). This chip also provides the improved sound quality which is almost identical to that of the original SCC. You check a sound fragment here); it's hard to distinguish between the original and their SCC chip sound.

This chip can be used to make MMC/SD cartridges that require an original SCC chip and resistor array, or users can make their own SCC+ cartridge with this. Megaminx is also developing a cartridge PCB to enable users to make their own cartridge with this chip.

More information can be found on their blog (in Korean).

Relevant link: New FPGA SCC chip compatible with Konami cartridges

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By janghang

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02-01-2014, 20:33

Sorry, I provided a repeated link (the sound comparison page). The correct relevant link is: .

By Jorito

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02-01-2014, 21:05

Thanks, fixed Smile

By ray2day

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02-01-2014, 21:10

Very cooool! Like these kind of developments! Cool

By Pac

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03-01-2014, 16:23

Very nice idea! Why not create other MSX IC's like MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO, etc? There are some of them that can be found easily (more or less) but not sure about others...

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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05-01-2014, 12:17

What is about FPGA configuration? Are source files available, and on which licensing terms?

By Grauw

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05-01-2014, 17:35

Nice job!

Does it reset the phase when an SCC channel’s frequency is set (and only then)?

I ask this because I noticed that the original SCC does this, but the FPGA-based ESE-SCC built into my OCM does not.

By Grauw

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05-01-2014, 20:08