Alien Attack

Alien Attack

by ro on 09-04-2020, 19:26
Topic: Development

It's Corona time, you know "stay at home" time. During this world wide epidemic, that mantra keeps repeating. And in this times of Covid-19, cbsfox decided to use this time wise and created a simple MSX shooting game. Just for fun. It is a simple action shooter free to download. Blast it!

MRC user cbsfox admits, he never created an MSX game before. And this is the perfect time to change that. So, the result is a shooter game written in full Assembly. Great first try. The coding was completed in just 7 days. Wow. "I don't know anything about sound or image", cbsfox tells us, "so I picked some dots from the interwebs". That's okay, bruh. Gotta start somewhere. And, heck, there might be plenty of fellow MSX-geeks sitting at home right now that could be of assistance with notes and pixels. right!?

The objective of the game is to kill the maximum number of enemies in the shortest time possible. Shouldn't be a problem; enough free time to practice, eh!

Relevant link: Download the Rom Game
Relevant link: Download the art

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By aranya

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10-04-2020, 09:32

Thank you ro for the news, I am always enthusiastic about new MSX1 games, and I would like to thank you cbsfox for his effort doing the game. I really appreciate it.

By ray2day

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11-04-2020, 11:05

@cbsfox Very very nice work! I am looking for an example like this learning asembly code. Are you willing to share the source code with us/me?

You can contact me using my website;

By cbsfox

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11-04-2020, 22:06

Thanks Ray. And yes, that is the idea. As soon as the game is finished, I will publish the source code to help other people to create games like this. It is a start point.

By salutte

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12-04-2020, 08:00

Cool! Nice work! Smile

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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13-04-2020, 12:54

Congratulation cbsfox! This is how to do it right!
I'm learning z80 assembly programming as well. And it is a lot of fun!

By Joost

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06-05-2020, 23:01

Example would be great to learn assembly!
I wrote my first hello world as “bload,r” prog last year.
Like to know more about assembly, waiting for MSXVR to practice..

By tfh

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26-01-2021, 20:54

New version, now with level 1 end-boss: